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Do you want your classes to meet in the Library or one of our Computer Labs?

DHS Technology Policy Form

Teachers: To reserve a space for you and your classes in the library (sections A, B, C, or D) or one of the stationary labs (G101 or G102), please see the schedules below and email Blanca Garcia, bgarcia@duncanvilleisd.org.  In your email, please indicate what dates you want, what blocks you teach, and if you need the assistance of a librarian. Thank you!

First 9 Weeks   Second 9 Weeks   Third 9 Weeks   Fourth 9 Weeks

Do you want a computer for your classroom?

Teachers: To reserve a computer, please email Blanca Garcia, bgarcia@duncanvilleisd.org.  In your email, please indicate what dates you need. Thank you!

  First 9 Weeks   Second 9 Weeks  Third 9 Weeks  Fourth 9 Weeks