Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

TSI testing is offered at Duncanville High School


How to Register for the TSI

Step 1

Visit with a counselor to determine the correct assessment needed for the dual credit courses/ college entrance requirements that you are interested in satisfying.

Step 2

Complete the pre-assessment activity at https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/Duncanvilleisd

Step 3

Scholars that are taking the TSI for a second or third time MUST complete an online or face-to-face tutorial for TSI. Click on the buttons below to view various test prep options.

*Duncanville instructors must assign the course for students to complete. 

Step 4

Upon completion of the tutorial session and pre-assessment activity, register for a test date. Click on the button below to view the testing dates and registration links. All tests are currently held in person.


Important information:

  • Your student ID is required for entry on the day of testing.
  • Completion of the Pre-Assessment is required prior to testing.
  • Proof of completion of an online practice assessment with a score of 70% or greater and/or face-to-face tutorial (with an approved DHS instructor) is required to be uploaded when registering. Student information must be visible on information that is submitted. If the student is unable to upload the image a printed copy must be submitted prior to the day of testing to Mrs. Malone or Mrs. Flanagan in the counseling center.

It is important to note that students will not be admitted to test without completing the steps above.

How are TSI scores officially reported?

All test scores will be submitted to Duncanville ISD’s department of Assessment and Accountability to be processed and uploaded on the transcript through Skyward. Allow 10-14 business days before requesting a transcript with TSI scores.


Resources for TSIA 2.0:

College Readiness Benchmarks

English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)

A score of 945-990 and at least a 5 on the Essay


A score of 950-990


What if I don't meet the college readiness benchmarks?

If you’ve scored below one or more college readiness benchmarks, your score report will include a Learning Locator Code (LLC), which gives you free access to TSIA2 Learning Resources. This online library contains practice and instructional materials that specifically address the content areas of TSIA2 tests. Use your LLC for immediate access to a custom set of materials in the library specific to your performance in each content area.