Red and Blue – Is It In You?

“Red and Blue – Is It In You?” is a monthly column in our Friday Informer newsletter that recognizes the staff and community members who help make our district great. You can read stories about Duncanville ISD do-gooders below, and if you know someone who demonstrates the values of our district, send their name and why you think they should be featured to

Sonny Kemble - April 2013

Sonny Kemble is a man who has dedicated his life to serving his country and his community. His faithful work since 1992 with the Duncanville ISD Athletic Department as an event coordinator was recognized with his induction into the Athletic Hall of Honor in 2010, but it was his service to his country during World War II as a B17 tail gunner in the Unites States Army Air Corps that was most recently honored in Washington, DC.

Cathy Self-Morgan and Mike Chrietzberg - January 2013

It’s the highest honor the Duncanville community can bestow – Man and Woman of the Year. This year, two school district employees will hold that honor together. Athletic Director Cathy Self-Morgan and Chief of Staff Mike Chrietzberg were recognized for their years of service to students and our community at the annual Chamber Awards Ceremony on Saturday, January 12 where the announcement of them as the 2012 Man and Woman of the Year was made. 

Norman Davis - October 2012

For ten years, five times a year, retired US Army officer and former Duncanville ISD administrator Norman Davis has helped place more than a thousand flags at subscribing homes and businesses in Duncanville as part of the Duncanville Rotary Club Flag Program. Every Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day, proudly waving American flags line the roads of the community thanks to Rotary Club volunteers like Davis.

FACTS and LIFE - April & May, 2012

With the world changing around us, the fads of the future are uncertain. One thing is sure – Duncanville ISD students will be prepared. The district is committed to providing engaging, 21st Century learning experiences for students. Two groups have been appointed by the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees to chart our course into future eras.

Beacon Sign and Lighting - March, 2012

When growing up, you may have been taught that image isn’t everything. But to Duncanville company Beacon Sign and Lighting, it is. They design, manufacture, and install business “images” all over town. They also protect the integrity of that image by keeping patrons safe through installing and maintaining various types of lighting. Responsible for making and keeping Duncanville ISD a welcoming place for staff, students, and families

Strong Fathers, Strong Families - February, 2012

Building stronger kids by strengthening fathers and families - that’s the mission of the Strong Fathers, Strong Families (SFSF) organization. It’s also a Duncanville ISD goal. We realize that parent/school relationships are essential to student success. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of SFSF to organize events throughout the district to encourage parent involvement. Their work with four schools over the past two years makes us proud to recognize Strong Fathers, Strong Families.

Educational Bridge - January, 2012

Equipping teachers with the skills and supplies that they need to foster student success, Educational Bridge partners with elementary, intermediate, and high schools across the country to create more effective learning environments.  The company trains teachers to develop and implement successful lessons and also provides the manpower and materials needed for workroom/classroom makeovers. A partner with Duncanville ISD for many years, Educational Bridge’s goal of inspiring a life-long love of learning closely mirrors our own.

21st Century Classroom Pilots - December, 2011

As a district with a core belief of continuous improvement, Duncanville ISD is always looking for better ways to engage the hearts and minds of its students. In the past, that may have been paperwork and presentations, but today it’s technology and teamwork. That’s why we’re committed to creating 21st century learning experiences. Reaching students at their level and teaching them the skills they’ll need to thrive in our ever-advancing society, the district launched 21st Century classroom pilots during the 2011-12 school year.

The Art Institute of Dallas - November, 2011

Aligning with the district’s core belief of continuous improvement, Duncanville ISD’s vision of a learner is a life-long student, never ceasing to seek knowledge. One way that students can continue to learn after high school is by attending a university, college, or trade school. One such institute of higher learning, the Art Institute of Dallas, shares the district’s vision on the importance of post-secondary education. 

Chick-fil-A Cedar Hill - October, 2011

Some may say the cow is the most recognizable symbol of the Chick-fil-A organization. But for many Best Southwest residents, that symbol is Chick-fil-A Cedar Hill owner Luanne Alcaraz. She’s been partnering with Duncanville ISD since 1999, supporting district schools, athletics, administration, and the Education Foundation.

Air Products - September, 2011

With a Career and Technical Education program that covers a variety of fields including automotive, health, cosmetology, and audio and video production, Duncanville ISD is committed to training the workforce of tomorrow. It’s a goal that’s shared by national distribution company Air Products. They’ve partnered with Duncanville High School’s Engineering Academy since 2009, mentoring students and providing scholarships, supplies, and labor.

Duncanville Public Library and Youth Services Librarian Urla Morgan - May, 2011

With over 100,000 books on-site and several computers available for use, Youth Services librarian Urla Morgan sees the Duncanville Public Library as an invaluable fixture in the community. She’s been helping teachers promote a love of learning for the past 17 years. The Duncanville Public Library hosts several educational programs throughout the school year and especially during the months of June and July.

Bridgette King- Aprill 2011

National Volunteer Week takes place every April, and Duncanville ISD would like to thank all the parents and community members who give of their time and so often go unnoticed. It's those minutes and hours that help to make our district great. Duncanville ISD parent Bridgette King is one such unsung hero.

Duncanville ISD Nutrition Services Department - March 2011

More than 150 employees make up the Duncanville ISD Nutrition Services Department, including cafeteria managers, maintenance employees, central kitchen employees, delivery drivers, administrative staff, and food service assistants. Whether working onsite at a district building or on a campus, they’re responsible for the health and wellness of a district that numbers around 12,750 students and 1800 staff members. Duncanville ISD's Nutrition Services Department serves a total of 14,000 well-balanced breakfast and lunch meals every day.

Duncanville Chamber of Commerce - February 2011

According to Chamber CEO Steve Martin, the mission of the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce is to promote business and community prosperity through economic, civic, and educational programs. The organization is credited with helping to create the City of Champions as we know it today.

Jerry Waddell - December 2010

The list of job duties for Duncanville ISD bus driver Jerry Waddell includes picking up students from their morning stops and transporting them to school safely and on time. But Jerry adds more to-do's to that list every day at Merrifield Elementary, his final morning stop. A bus driver by trade and a handyman by choice, Mr. Waddell has been volunteering at Merrifield Elementary for more than five years.

Harry Fielder - October 2010

He’s the familiar face seen every morning and afternoon by Smith Elementary and Daniel Intermediate students and parents. School crossing guard Harry Fielder is dedicated to Duncanville ISD students, helping them get to and from school safely for more than 14 years.

Duncanville Church of Christ’s Grace Place - September 2010

Although these silent partners in education aren’t making waves in the media, they register high in the hearts of our students. The Duncanville Church of Christ GracePlace has been donating school supplies to Duncanville ISD elementary schools since 2000.

Allen Conley - April, 2010

He’s been helping Duncanville residents “Eat Fresh” since 2003, and we’re not talking about Subway’s Jared Fogle. Local Subway owner Allen Conley’s flagship location at Cedar Ridge and Center has made him a legend in the community, positively affecting Duncanville ISD students from the inside out.

Christmas Tech Angels - February 2010

The Christmas Tech Angels are staff members of the technology department who donated their time and money to ensure that Duncanville ISD students had a very merry Christmas. Although their actions are only seen one day a year, the joy they create lasts many more.

Krystal Morrow - January, 2010

Duncanville High School teacher Krystal Morrow took over the Partners Physical Education program at DHS during the 2009-10 school year. In her Partners PE classes, students with disabilities are paired with “partners” who help them run, jump rope, play basketball, dance, etc. Colleagues say that Morrow is changing the program for the better by improving the physical, mental, and emotional skills of Duncanville ISD students.

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